Software Consulting
Quantum Information Science
Neural Computing
Video Lectures

Software Consulting

Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc.

Digital Signal Processing and Acoustics

Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
HUT Acoustics Laboratory
Acoustics/Digital Signal Processing Links
DSP Research Groups
Signal Processing and Speech Communication
Beamforming/Echo Cancellation
Per Ahgren
Steve Grant
Dr.-Ing. Walter Kellermann
Geert Rombouts
Felix Albu
Scott C. Douglas
Michael Brandstein

Quantum Information Science

Back when I was in high school, you could search the web for information on quantum computing and only come up with a few hits from schools like Caltech. Now every school has a program.
Center for Quantum Computation
Quantum Computing Tutorial
Quantum Computer Emulator
A Language for Quantum Computers
World Technology Evaluation Center
Virtual Journal of Quantum Information
California Institute of Technology
University of Calgary
University of Columbia
Cambridge-MIT Institute
University of Indiana
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of Queensland
Southwest Quantum Information and Technology
More Links

Neural Computing

California Institute of Technology
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
University of California, San Diego
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Theoretical Neuroscience
Aston University
Research Programs in Europe

Video Lectures

Electricity and Magnetism
Audio and Video Lecture Links
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
LectureVideoShowcase (Link may be dead, but you can find it cached on Google.)
Comparative Media Studies
Computer Networking
Linear Algebra
Mathematical Methods for Engineers