Open Source


  • Split raw audio files where silence occurs, and optionally remove the silence. You can use a tool like sox to convert to and from raw format.
  • Dump file headers to stdout in human readable form. (Reading binary files in emacs hexl-mode becomes tedious after a while.) Also comes with demo Python/Ruby wrappers. Here's a Tcl/Tk screenshot.
  • This is a Guile script for use with the Snd audio utility. It demonstrates how to implement a DSP routine and make it accessible via a GUI.
  • I made this live ebuild for lkcdutils because I couldn't find one, and the one in the portage tree was for an older version on a non-x86 architecture.
  • This is a shell file I use to backup my important system and customization files. It's relatively easy to change for your own files. Here are the files. (This is really a convenience for me.)
  • This is a file to take your Xemacs buffer and make an xhtml file out of it. I didn't write this. I just made a few changes so that it works with xhtml/css. It also uses the actual colors from the buffer.
Asterisk Manager
  • This is an Asterisk Manager Interface. It's built as a static library in C. There are also Python and Ruby wrapper modules.
  • This is a small Xemacs package to search for function prototypes and definitions. It can also prototype your C functions.
FAGI Test Framework
  • This is a very simple testing framework for Fast AGI implementations. It lets you set up basic fixtures for any number of test runs. You can also use it to load test your FAGI server.