DSP Jobs and Services


Rincon Research
  • Rincon is a small company whose sole focus is DSP. They do mainly contracting work with the defense and intelligence community.
Applied Research Associates
  • Applied Research Associates does engineering research for the government and commercially. They have a few research type positions in DSP.
Digital Receiver Technology
  • Digital Receiver Technology designs electronics and wireless devices for US Signals Intelligence.
BAE Systems
  • BAE Systems is a large aerospace/defense company. They are seeking DSP engineers.
Lockheed Martin
  • Lockheed Martin is a large technology company that does research, design, development, and manufacturing mainly for the Department of Defense.
  • Boeing is a very large aerospace company. They hire all over the world.
  • Raytheon is a large technology company focused on defense. They provide various IT, aerospace, and engineering services.
Northrop Grumman
  • Northrop Grumman is a large defense company providing services in areas such as electronics, IT, integrated systems, mission systems, ship systems, and space technology.
Applied Signal
  • Applied Signal is a DSP company that provides products and services mainly to the defense and intelligence community.
Bell Labs
  • Bell-Labs was once-upon-a-time a great place for technical research. They still do DSP research.
Sunrise Telecom
  • Sunrise Telecom provides testing and monitoring solutions for multimedia and VoIP networks.
  • Argon ST provides engineering and development for C4ISR solutions.
  • Spirit DSP is a Russian company that develops embedded communications devices. They call themselves "Bell-Labs of the East."
Gao Research
  • Gao Research provides communications software to telecom and electronics companies.
Delphi Engineering
  • Delphi aims to solve mission critical problems utilizing DSP, embedded systems, and other technologies.
Dexcel Designs
  • Dexcel develops embedded software and hardware with optimized DSP algorithms.
Dorr Engineering
  • Desi is a small consulting firm that solves problems using DSPs and embedded software.
DSP Consulting
  • DSP Consulting develops custom DSP software and provides DSP consulting services.
Trionyx Signal Processing
  • Tryonyx is a UK company that does embedded and real-time software development with specialization in DSP.
Wavelet Group
  • Wavelet Group provides various services and development of DSP and imaging processing technologies.
DSP Concepts
  • DSP Concepts prototypes and develops DSP products.
  • DelResearh designs hardware and software for real-time products.
Red Hill Systems
  • Red Hills develops wireless and DSP solutions.
Oak Valley
  • Oak Valley is a consultancy specializing in hardware and software for electronics, communications, instrumentation, medical systems, control systems, and test equipment.
Andraka Consulting Group
  • Andraka Consulting specializes in FPGA implementation of DSP algorithms.
  • Signalscape provides DSP hardware and software solutions to law enforcment and security agency markets.

You will need a security clearance for many of these.